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Sustain Tahoe | 1% For The Planet 🌎

Lake Tahoe is rightfully one of the most popular vacation destinations in the country, with visitors coming from near and far to enjoy the treasured terrain. Tourism is an essential part of life in Tahoe, and with conscious effort, allows for Tahoe's perfection to be shared with all who wish to take part.

Sustain Tahoe is doing their share by guiding Tahoe toward becoming the model for sustainable tourism, and developing and facilitating geo-tourism in the Tahoe Truckee Watershed. As a courtesy from Sustain Tahoe, you can stop by TWC today to pick up a complimentary Bear magnet for your bear box to remind everyone to keep their garbage locked up tight!

In an effort to welcome and educate our visitors, Sustain Tahoe works to introduce tourism to destination stewardship through activities, adventures, and recreation that embrace Lake Tahoe’s uniqueness. By creating a 21st Century (transit-centric) recreation menu with 4-seasons of sustainable activities that do no environmental harm, they invite visitors to become stewards with fun, educational, low carbon adventures.

Sustain Tahoe works with private, public and social sectors, to seek out environmentally responsible behavior, and spotlight best practices to inspire others. They also work to enable Lake Tahoe's youngsters to be Earth conscious - from Earth Day Guided walks to capturing insights in Earth journals, and pledging to care for our lake, they are helping to secure the future of Lake Tahoe by impressing the importance of conscious Earth practices on today's youth.


To learn more about 1% For The Planet, and how purchases from TWC give back to Tahoe, visit

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