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Rich & Rose | New Brand

At RICH&ROSE, they are a family owned and female operated company. Founder, Isabella Rich, was born and raised in Santa Cruz, CA – a city rich in cannabis culture and alternative healing methods. With a diverse heritage from a working-class agricultural family, Isabella was empowered to become a first-generation college graduate. After completing her business degree from the University of Southern California, her passion for health, wellness, and devotion to a plant-based diet inspired her to create a variety of products reflecting those core values.

While working closely with her father, Joshua Rich – a pioneer in the cannabis industry with over 25 years of experience, RICH&ROSE was born. Joshua started his cannabis career in the early 90s when he saw a societal shift, pushing cannabis to the center stage. For many individuals with terminal illness during this time, medical cannabis was a saving grace. He saw first-hand the power of plant medicine, inspiring him to commit his life to the cannabis movement.

In the early 2000s Joshua’s main role was procuring cannabis for collectives in both Central and Northern California. By 2004 he had built three cultivation operations in Mendocino County, while managing several collectives. History was made in 2010, when he participated in 9.31 Exemption, granting him one of the first cannabis permits in the United States.

Fast forward to today,

Joshua is the Founder and CEO of Rich Global Corp, operating over 500,000 sq ft of cannabis cultivation in Northern California. Greenhouse production in the Salinas Valley accounts for the majority of the operation, with boutique Sungrown in Mendocino and Indoor in Monterey County. He has also devoted his time growing in-house brands such as Monterey Kush Co. and Clout King, known for their quality and unique strain varieties. Joshua’s business has expanded exponentially over the years, but his grassroots and passion for supplying plant medicine is fundamental at his core.

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