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Protect the Pines | 1% For The Planet 🌎

We are lucky as locals and visitors, to experience Lake Tahoe in all of its blue and green glory - but it is also up to us to stay vigilant in preserving the environment. The Sugar Pine Foundation works proactively to ensure this, by enabling implantation of healthy pines in the Tahoe Basin.

By searching for pines resistant to damaging blister rust, that are then tested for major gene resistance and used to yield the next generations of resistant trees, they ensure that our pines are healthier and have a longer lifespan. Their plantings, events, and educational outreach inspire environmental stewardship throughout the community.

As a fellow member of 1% for the Planet, The Sugar Pine Foundation is one of the recipients of Tahoe Wellness Center's membership donations. Support for The Sugar Pine Foundation assists in furthering their efforts, and ensure for future generations that we can keep Tahoe healthy and green 💚


To learn more about 1% For The Planet, and how purchases from TWC give back to Tahoe, visit

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