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NEW BRAND | Rose Delights

Via Rose Delights

Rose Los Angeles seeks to merge flower with the culinary world. By working with award-winning chefs, Rose Los Angeles pairs the best flower with seasonal food to produce premium edibles that showcase creative culture. Every Rose Delight is infused with single-strain whole flower rosin, rather than distillate, for improved therapeutic properties and flower-forward tastiness.

Rose is in the midst of transforming ten acres of abandoned land on the western slope of the Sierra Foothills in Penn Valley, California into a fully functioning polyculture regenerative farm. They approach fruit sourcing the way a restaurant kitchen does--by talking with farmers to get inspired by their unique seasonal produce varieties. These living ingredients are brought back to their kitchen where they begin a co-creation with fruit and cannabis flower.

Give them a try at TWC with 25% off of Rose Delights for the next two weeks (through 11/22), while supplies last! Click below to learn more.

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