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HAPPY HIVE TRIANGLES | Cooking With Cannabis

Today's cannabis infused recipe is HONEYSHOT BUZZ GOAT CHEESE, LAVENDER & FRESH PEACH TRIANGLES from Kikoko, using their Cannabis Infused Honey Shots for a simple brunch or snack, that is sure to please.

The below recipe is provided by Kikoko, using Kikoko Cannabis Infused HoneyShots, available now at TWC.

*Infused HoneyShot amount can be customized per your specific THC desire or tolerance.

🌿 1 Fresh peach, thinly sliced
🧀 Goat cheese (room temperature)⁠
🍇 ¼ c Walnuts, diced
¼ tsp Lavender, roughly chopped
2 Slices whole grain bread, toasted

Allow toast to cool slightly and top with goat cheese.
Layer peach slices over cheese and drizzle with HoneyShot BUZZ, distributing honey equally.
Cut toast diagonally and garnish with chopped walnuts and lavender.

Recipe provided by Kikoko.

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