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#GrowYourOwn with CLTVTD Clones


The CLTVTD Vision

CLTVTD Genetics is here to bring a trusted experience in the nursery segment. By collaborating with Node Labs, they are able to start their mothers from Tissue Culture which allows them to propagate healthy first-generation clones. They are doing what they can to provide a trusted experience from the initial start of the supply chain.

Their Mission

CLTVTD is here to set the standard by operating with a customer-centric approach. Their alliances with trusted licensed labs who are focused on the plant pathology side of what the cannabis industry is quickly calling attention to - such as harmful pathogens that can be demonstrated to infect cannabis and cause issues to your crop. CLTVTD is creating awareness around these topics by using #WHOSYOURMOMMY

CLTVTD Genetics' cultivar library offers true-to-type genetics derived from tissue culture micropropagation. They work directly with breeders, such as Compound Genetics & Midwest Best, to understand the story behind the lineage & selection process of their highly desirable genetics.

Their indoor nursery allows them to control their environment and raise healthy mothers which produce vigorous 1st Generation clones. Regular plant pathology screenings are conducted to strive for a clean start of the supply chain.

Check the lineup after 4pm today, 12/2, to grab your clones and get started today!

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