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100% Cannabis | Brite Labs

Brite Labs creates expertly-grown California cannabis, full-spectrum extracts, and premium concentrates hand-crafted in small-batches, released every week.

They are both a brand manufacturer and distributor of quality, small-batch cannabis products. They believe that the highest quality cannabis products deliver the most beneficial experiences. That’s why they dedicate themselves

to offering only the highest-quality cannabis flower, full-spectrum extracts, premium concentrates, tinctures and edibles sourced from and hand-crafted by some of the best cannabis farms & brand manufacturers in California.

Dedicated to safety, integrity, and innovation, at BRITE Labs, they produce only the highest quality 100% cannabis extracts with their own proprietary CO2 extraction process and honor the full-spectrum of compounds and benefits accessible in whole plant concentrates. They never use additives or non-cannabis inputs of any kind to alter the ingredients or flavors of our oils.

Stop by TWC today through this Sunday (11/7/21) to try Brite Labs for yourself, and receive 10% off Brite Labs 510 cartridges!

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