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The key to using cannabis for wellness is tailoring each experience to meet your needs. With clones on the shelves at TWC, we're empowering you to take wellness into your own hands, and grow your own cannabis your own way.


Next Clone Batch Coming Tuesday, October 20th 🌱⠀


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Clone Pre-Order Information

Clone Pre-Orders

Looking to order your clones in advance and give yourself some prep time? Pre-Order your clones at TWC!

Every other Monday, you can view an updated menu of available clones for pre-order on our social media channels and here, on our website.


To place your order, just come into TWC and pre-order with our staff. You just need to pay half of the order total as a deposit, and pay the remainder when you pick your clones up.

Clone orders will arrive Tuesdays following pre-order placement, barring any unforeseen circumstances. When your clones arrive, you will be notified by email that your clone order is ready to be picked up, or if there is a delay in shipment. Once you've been notified, you'll have 72 hrs to pick up your new arrivals  before they go into the regular rotation of inventory (unless an exception is arranged during business hours, before the 72 hour mark).

Deposits and orders will be accepted until Wednesdays at noon, for orders to arrive with the following week's clone shipment. Orders must be cancelled before Wednesday at noon for deposit refund


Do you need options that let you purchase up to 99 plants at a time? Check out these resources to help with obtaining the proper medical recommendation for those who are in need of larger purchase limits for wellness:

Greenlife Medical Systems


MedCard Now

Questions or suggestions? Email us at

Looking to get your clones now? Check out our selection of in-stock clones!

Clone Pre-Order Menu
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